Why Us

Clear Reporting

We provide a clear report of your home’s condition and take the time to make sure you understand it completely. In addition to the written report, you will receive a complete consultation and a valuable orientation to the property, its systems and structural condition.

We Help You Keep Things in Perspective

Most homes have problems. The question is what and how serious are the problems. We’ll let you know the extent of any problems and we will point out positive attributes as well.

Timely Service

We are sensitive to the emotional component of home selling and buying and we understand that a timely delivery of our findings is as important as its contents.

Questions Answered

If you have questions during or after the inspection, HomeAlert is here to serve your immediate needs and answer all of your questions. We do not charge for continued support.

We Are Impartial and Work For You

Home inspections are our only business. We are impartial and work only for you. Your interests are our interests before, during, and after the inspection. Our inspections adhere to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

We Provide a Valuable Service

The inspection provides an invaluable learning and discovery experience during which your questions can be answered on the spot. You will gain insight into maintenance and energy conservation tailored specifically to your home.